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RECOMMENDED KIT The kit recommended to accompany the Sony Venice from the experts at CVP

VENICE EXTENSION SYSTEM This system enables cabled separation of the Venice camera body and image sensor block by up to 5.5m with no degradation in image quality.

TERADEK BOLT 3000 FOR SONY VENICE This wireless video module attaches seamlessly to Venice cameras and is the best option to keep clutter off your rig, while providing real-time wireless monitoring. With a versatile look and gentle sharpness, the Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses are designed for cinematic large format sensor coverage, making them ideal for current and future cameras. HAWK-WOODS VL-SV1 This has been designed to meet all the demands of powering your Venice camera and Sony R7 recorder. It includes a new 100% lock-in system to ensure you have continuous power. ZEISS SUPREME PRIME LENSES


Discover key components from the CVP camera kit, including an external recorder and viewfinder ESSENTIAL KIT

SONY AXS-R7 The AXS-R7 External Recorder attaches seamlessly to the Sony Venice, expanding your recording options to include 6K and Raw/X-OCN formats.

SONY DVF-EL200 VIEWFINDER The DVF-EL200 is a high quality Full HD viewfinder for the Sony Venice that offers easy focusing and framing with its 200 cd/m2 bright OLED panel.

BUILD YOUR PERFECT KIT AT CVP NEWMAN STREET CVP’s flagship showroom is home to a full spectrum of production equipment ready to see, combine and evaluate. Visitors are supported by creative and technical staff who are committed to finding the right solution for every production need. To arrange a visit to the Newman Street showroom in London, call 020 8380 7400 or visit

WOODEN CAMERA SONY VENICE PRO ACCESSORY KIT This Pro Kit is a professional camera support package designed for the Venice camera and includes a top-plate, solid baseplate, A-box, master top handle, EVF extension arm and the D-box.


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