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(Main picture) Actors Rebecca De Mornay, Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor discuss a scene with director Stephen Surjik from the third season of Netflix’s Jessica Jones . DOP Manuel Billeter shot the season on Red’s Gemini camera with the Gemini S35 sensor, which just happened to win the ‘Capture’ category in our Tech Innovation Awards Following Red’s win, we wanted to illustrate why we thought the Gemini was a worthy winner, so asked Billeter why he opted for it. “I chose the new Gemini sensor camera, because it has a larger-sized sensor. I was interested in having a larger canvas at my disposal; a larger field of view. “When I tested the camera in pre- production, I also realised that, at the same ISO as the Red Weapon, it was almost a stop brighter. And as the first scripts were coming in for season 3, I realised that the Gemini would have an added important WHY THEY WON: RED, WINNER OF CAPTURE

feature: the dual ISO ratings. There are several scenes where Trish makes use of her enhanced ‘cat-vision’, a newly discovered power she has acquired, where at night everything appears brighter. I knew that with the dual ISO of the Gemini, I had a huge power of my own at my disposal,” says Billeter. “We used the higher ‘low-light’ rating of 3200 every time we were in a special Trish point of view, and the results were quite astonishing. There was no need to adjust any lighting to achieve the desired effect. In the second season, I’d had to make lighting and lens adjustments, as well as lean into it in post for those moments. Now, at the flick of a switch, basically, we could turn on ‘Trish-vision’ in camera. I was also able to stop down the lens quite a bit, for added depth-of-field – making her character’s world appear both brighter and sharper,” he adds.

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