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ABOVE Motion Impossible’s Agito remote camera vehicle became a firm favourite at the ICC Cricket World Cup

real-time data and augmented reality features. This past season’s release includes Coach mode, which diagrams plays as they happen, Player mode, where shooting percentages are updated in real time, hover over each player, and Mascot mode, which incorporates fan-friendly animations and digital effects. Other features enable fans to choose from multiple camera angles across the arena, select audio, including unfiltered in-arena sound, and watch live games and recaps on mobile or desktop. CourtVision is seen as a step forward in how we watch sports, with fans having

easy, customisable access to a whole set of interactive data. “Ultimately, we believe this technology will drive a revolution in the broadcast experience that translates machine learning and augmented reality to all sports, so fans can watch their game, their way,” says Clippers chief global partnerships officer, Scott Sonnenberg. REMOTE HEADS Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) is at the forefront of remote camera systems worldwide and manages its remote systems in the air as much as on the ground. In fact, its aerial systems were used for the Fifa Women’s World Cup in France. The company has enjoyed a summer of sport, including Wimbledon, and is now preparing for next year’s Summer Olympics in Japan and the Uefa Euro 2020 football; both will feature UHD HDR standard broadcasting across all venues. For all broadcasting equipment companies, gearing up also means the journey from HD to UHD, along with HDR, which is increasingly a prerequisite for broadcast, as well as drama.

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