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66 BRAINFEED Crossword

ACROSS 2. Camera that offers three types of remotely operated image control (p30) 4. Online video that is funded by advertisements (p55) 7. Book by Lauren Klein and Catherine D’Ignazio from the MIT Press (p39) 8. Type of cloud that you own yourself (p10) 9. Name of the main convention centre in Amsterdam (p8) 10. State where the American Revolutionary War started (p42) 11. Organisation that oversees the domain name system – or ‘Web Company for Given Designations and Digits’ (p7) 12. Essential background tool for chromakeying (p29) DOWN 1. Scottish engineer and political economist who invented the pie chart (p40) 2. Audio publishing format of choice for just about everyone. Ours is called FEED:TALK (p60) 3. Chinese software developer and owner of TikTok (p22) 5. Birthplace of 

Joy Division, The Guardian and two Premier League football clubs (p13) 6. Field of study that

uses computational methods to answer questions about cultural and historical subjects (p39)

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* Crossword answers use British English spelling

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