FEED issue 28 Web

60 START-UP ALLEY Zencastr

Words by Ann-Marie Corvin

This month’s start-ups include browser-based podcast recording, innovative targeted advertising and flexible cloud services for broadcasters


As the coronavirus pandemic forces many parts of the world into lockdown, home-based working and web-based communication tools have become vital to us all. Which probably explains why Zencastr ’s website is getting slammed with new traffic right now. The company is the brainchild of Utah software developer, Josh Nielsen, and offers a solution that makes it easier to record high-quality audio for remote podcasters. According to Nielsen, Zencastr became possible around five years ago when web browsers started to offer new audio features that enable developers to create features, such as oscillators and synthesisers. “These allow you to mix and record audio in your web browser – which was interesting to me, because browsers are the ultimate accessible platform,” he says. The resulting solution took time to develop, with Nielsen spending 30 hours a week on Zencastr, as well as taking on contract work to support his family. “I thought it would take six weeks, but it took six months,” he recalls. For podcasters wanting to feature guest speakers contributing from a remote

HIGH FIDELITY Zencastr helps podcasters avoid bad sound quality for their remote guest speakers

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