FEED issue 28 Web

NEWSFEED Dispatches from the world of online video 6 YOUR TAKE the alternative? 10 SOCIAL MEDIA TikTok is one of the world’s most popular apps. It’s time for broadcasters to take it seriously 22 GENIUS INTERVIEW We talk to Lauren Klein about her book, Data Feminism , and a new way of seeing our digital world 38 FEED:SHOW Streaming is not as green as most people think. But what’s Our ‘trade show in a magazine’ is back with all the latest product announcements! 44 THE VOD FILES for advertisers? 57 START-UP ALLEY Our start-ups include podcast tools, targeted advertising and cloud services for broadcasters 60 BRAINFEED could win a FEED T-shirt! 66 Online video or linear television? Which offers the best return Exercise your grey matter with our media tech crossword – and you


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