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t’s strange to see how such a small thing, with no friends, no enemies, completely creates the news,” observes Raoul Cospen, Dalet news market director. That Covid-19 has completely dominated the news cycle worldwide isn’t surprising, but it has also transformed how news organisations and journalists are doing their jobs. The bustling newsroom of only a few months ago is a quieter place now. Many news teams are having to work from home-based workstations – which sometimes means a laptop at the kitchen table – and are having to adopt remote and cloud-based tools as a matter of course. For those organisations already using remote tools, this transition has been surprisingly less painful than expected. For those less prepared, being pushed into the deep end of remote news production has been quite a shock. “The toughest thing to transition to remote working is video editing and video production in general,” says Cospen. “Some companies were more prepared than others to make this pivot to a new way of working. Typically, companies who embraced cloud in their workflow earlier are more prepared psychologically than others. The readiness of newsrooms to address this is variable. It comes down to the company culture.” One of the biggest headaches for remote video editors is moving files around. Working with Dropbox, FTP or a MAM As the pandemic emergency has evolved, Dalet has been helping newsrooms transition to remote, home-based working with amazing speed

portal – or combinations of the three – the process can turn into an unsupervised, uncollaborative, unmanageable mess. There is often no real time overview of what is going on with the project and no good way of exchanging metadata. Multiple companies have seen their on-premises staff presence reduced by as much as 80%, but Dalet has been helping them transition to remote working amazingly quickly. One US-based company that was already well integrated with Dalet’s Galaxy MAM platform made the move to working under lockdown in extraordinary time. “They went from 300 people working on-premises to seven people working on-premises in just one week,” says Cospen. Other companies Dalet is helping transition to fully remote working include French news channels LCI and CNews and Valencian news source Á Punt, as well as other major media operations in Europe and the US. The better the integration with


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