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28 ROUND TABLE Remote Studios

This month, a hypothetical broadcaster asks for advice on how it can create virtual studios for its talent while they’re locked down at home

SHUTTLEWORTH: We are Shuttleworth Digital – a small broadcaster producing local content for the town of Shuttleworth, Freedonia. Due to the current emergency, we are now working remotely, with our talent and production teams largely operating from home. We have set up a solid cloud-based workflow for editing and streaming our programming. We now want to create a virtual studio in the home of our lead presenter, Liza Lapis. To begin with, we want Liza to host a live information show, which will feature graphics and stats about the emergency, with interactive maps and animations. If this ‘home virtual studio’ idea is successful, then we might roll it out to the homes of our other talent – like Tina Turtles, who hosts a popular children’s show, or Robert Robsies, who runs a popular late- night talk show. We hope you can help by answering some questions:

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