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TOP NOTCH Our awards are comprehensive and reflect the whole industry


What bit of kit – hardware or software – has made the difference to your life as a working filmmaker? What accessory could you not consider living without? Or which retailer or service provider can be relied on to benefit your business? Chances are, if you have a strong opinion on any of these questions, then like-minded filmmakers would find that incredibly useful to know. That’s where the sixth annual Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards come in. Right from their inception, these awards have sought to recognise greatness in this often disparate industry of ours. From genuine innovation in product design, through to delivering equipment that does what it’s supposed to with remarkable reliability and excellence, to the people and companies that we all rely on to keep the wheels turning. All these deserve recognition – not just for their own satisfaction, but to let other filmmakers know what is simply the best. Every product or service that wins a Pro Moviemaker award is voted for by professionals like you. That’s what makes them unique and delivers such a positive impact. The results can be surprising, but that’s often down to the differing needs of filmmaking professionals. For some, it’s all about a large-sensor cinema camera and vintage-style prime lenses to create the next blockbuster. For others, a small-sensor camcorder with a far-reaching zoom lens is top of the pile. Maybe you are a hybrid shooter, like me, who uses a mirrorless to shoot for clients increasingly looking for fast social media solutions? Perhaps you are an editor or colourist, so the latest software is a top priority? Or a lighting tech, all about LEDs? The beauty of the awards is that they are diverse, and you don’t have to vote in every category. Just cast your opinion in the sections where you know your stuff and want to express your favourites. This issue, we kick off our Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards for 2022 with a look at the not-very-shortlist of nominations. Some categories remain, but some are new – to reflect the fast-changing world we live in. Please go to our website and have your say – it will ultimately benefit us all.

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