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“For external hard drives, there’s no shortage of powerful products to consider”

for awards are the PNY X-Pro 90 UHS-II SD, Samsung 512GB Pro Plus microSD and Sandisk 128GB Extreme Pro CFast 2.0, so there’s a memory choice for all. For external hard drives – both portable and desktop – there’s no shortage of powerful products to consider. Samsung’s Portable SSD T7 Shield 2TB is a rugged drive, the fastest we have ever tested. But it’s a competitive market, as the Lacie Rugged SSD Pro Thunderbolt 3 is also blazing fast – not to mention the Sandisk Professional G-Drive SSD. For real innovation, look at the Sandisk Professional Pro-Blade system, which employs SSD drives and caddies to go from location to desktop seamlessly. And Seagate Lyve Mobile is a radical solution that uses rented drives on location, linked to cloud storage. It’s unique and will only grow in popularity as filmmakers get to grips with it. In the final category for editing software, usual candidates are the incredibly popular Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X and the latest version of Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18 Studio. But you may wish to consider

performance and are affordable for what you get. In lighting innovation, lots of fresh ideas are once again bringing new and exciting possibilities to creative filmmakers everywhere. LED tube lights have taken off in a huge way. Many of them – at all kinds of price points and with different capabilities – make our shortlist. The Astera Titan Tube is a proven winner, but take a good look at the Quasar Science Double Rainbow, Nanlite Pavotube II 15X, Godox TL60 RGB and NAM RGBW tube lights, too. The Aputure Accent B7c RGBWW light bulb is once again nominated, as it replaces household bulbs to give a controlled practical light. The Airstar Neo is inflatable, while the Sumolight Sumolaser contains incredible power. You should also consider the Rotolight Smartsoft, which goes on the front of an LED and offers electronically adjustable diffusion. Very clever and seriously useful. Innovation can be found in memory cards and hard drives. These are put under increasing strain to keep up with escalating data rates of cameras or computers. With CFexpress Type A taking hold, the Sony Tough has been joined by the Delkin Black and Prograde Digital – all making the list. For the more common CFexpress Type B, Angelbird AV Pros, a Lexar Professional Diamond and Sandisk Extreme Pro are included. Also up

DATA CENTRES There's so much choice in media now, from Type A CFexpress cards to cloud-connected hard drives

Adobe’s – a beloved, cloud-based platform to help share work with other people in your team; or Open Broadcaster Software Studio, made especially for streaming. Times are changing, so cast your vote!



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