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A whole new way of easy editing is now here and affordable – thanks to Scan S uper-speedy computers – and the hard drives required to keep up with massive file sizes from high-res cameras – are hugely expensive. And that’s just for one user. If you have several people in a team, especially if they are socially distanced, the complexity and costs can spiral out of control. And if you need to hire more staff to produce a big project against deadlines, you can’t do it without buying or renting more costly kit – probably with an IT boffin to make it all work. Even if you can afford the gear, spec is often not even close to the performance of server-quality drives and GPUs needed to speed through 4K edits in real time. But there’s a new way of solving these issues, thanks to virtual technology pioneered by Disney animators Pixar, fine-tuned by tech firm NVIDIA, and now offered to filmmakers through business computing company Scan. Scan’s 3XS vGPU and Cloud Computing Solutions let you use your own computer through the internet to access a virtual, enterprise-level, PC workstation desktop. This gets you a ‘seat’ at one of Scan’s computers, which is faster and more capable than anything an independent production company could ever afford. Rent this monthly, from short-term quick-fix or last-minute project to a longer deal, and only pay for what you

“Scan’s systems are so rapid, what can take five minutes on a normal PC is handled in seconds”

Scan’s unique solution connects to the NVIDIA Omniverse project and RTX technology – a massive, multi-GPU platform developed for 3D simulation, with huge applications that can all link together. This platform enables creators to work collaboratively on 3D projects, all remotely and in real time. Footage can be ingested via a choice of several cloud-based options – including Scan’s own. As you work on an edit, share that screen with a remote colleague or client for instant feedback. No more waiting for it to render and exporting a rough edit to send by WeTransfer. It makes direct collaboration instant, saving lots of potential problems. That’s why it has been nominated for innovation of the year in the annual Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards. The winners are chosen by the public, so please cast your vote at

actually want. Scan monitors your current workflow and computing needs by using remote software – offering a solution to match. If you require more memory or faster GPUs for a limited time, Scan can turn them on quickly and you’re billed for their use. Scan’s systems are so rapid, what can take five minutes on a normal PC is handled in seconds, thanks to safe servers that cost around £70,000 each. Pricing is such that it can work out a more cost-effective monthly option than if you were to buy a basic computer. This will save both money and time – with no upfront costs.

VIRTUAL SANITY Scan’s computers are

designed for power-hungry 3D modelling programs, so video editing and sharing are incredibly quick

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