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Editor’s letter Photo 24

Small is beautiful but big is better, and that is definitely the case when it comes to photography when you want the best image quality. When film was the only capture option, going to medium-format was perceived to be essential, especially for commercial photography whether that was for product shots, weddings or stock images. The larger film format gave superior quality with better rendition of detail, finer grain and less enlargement was needed to get the same print size, and all were powerful attractions. That meant medium-format photography was an active and buoyant marketplace, and it was affordable too as there was a wide range of cameras available at prices comparable to leading 35mm models. Many medium-format cameras including the Mamiya C-series and Yashica Mat-124G were incredible value. If money was really limited and quality not a priority the Lubitel cost less than £20. Affordability is not something you can say about medium-format digital with cameras costing many times that of a pro 35mmDSLR. But pricing is changing. Pentax stirred things up and brought value to themarket with its 645Z, a 50-megapixel system DSLR that is currently on sale at £6199 with a 55mm lens. With top-end 35mmDSLRs selling at over £5k, the magnitude of difference is not that great. Hasselblad too with its X1D will shake things up. This compact mirrorless medium- format camera promises much and comes at an affordable price. Obviously at around £9k with a lens it’s not cheap but if you have the money (I don’t but many people seem to) and quality counts then it’s worth a look. And it’s portable, weighing less than a DSLR and standard zoom. I spent an hour or so shooting with a pre- production sample and when I processed the

Raws, comparing them with the same shots taken on a top 35mm DSLR, the difference was clear. I reckon many pros and a good many enthusiasts will take the plunge. It’s certainly an excellent camera and you can read my hands-on experience in this issue. It has been a good month to get my hands on great kit and I got the chance to use the Fujifilm X-T2 for a few hours too. Better yet, that chance was at Le Mans Classic where I got to confirm that action photography is not my forte. The camera did great –my report is in this issue too – but I did less well. I grew up on a diet of incredible sports images from the likes of Chris Smith, John Zimmermann and Eamonn McCabe and I really fancied the idea of action photography as a job. You see, I love sport and the thought of being on the touchline for a World Cup final or at the finishing line of the 100m Olympic final with a camera sounded absolutely perfect. Back then, it wasmanual focus only and film and pro cameras could shoot at five frames- per-second so nothing like the incredible frame rates you get now. Mind you, that still meant a 36-exposure film would last for seven seconds if you kept your finger on the shutter button. Clutching my 135mm telephoto lens and 3fps SLR, I did go tomany local sporting events trying to see if I could make a fist of action photography. I couldn’t, which is why I’m writing this. It is still the case when I watch a major sporting event that I have one eye on the photographers working there and wonder what it would be like to be in their shoes.

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