Photography News Issue 35

Photography News | Issue 35 |



Looking at my shots back home, I was impressed by the consistency of the exposure system. I was using multi-zone metering with shutter- priority AE for the action work and aperture-priority mode for other scenes. By the way, the latest Lightroom/Photoshop is already compatible with Raws from the new camera so I processed the Raw pictures printed here in Lightroom. The only obvious exposure issues I experienced was with a sunlit white racing car and a dark car with a strong highlight and in both cases the shots were underexposed although the Rawswere recoverable. Summary You can’t judge a pre-production sample camera because firmware can change hugely (for the better) but so far so good. The X-T2 proved a highly capable camera and I handed it back with deep regret, but conscious that I know what I will be treating myself too this Christmas. The latest Lightroom/ Photoshop is already compatible with Raws from the new camera

Top This is an ISO 6400 Raw shot was exposed at 1/680sec at f/22. Noise levels from this preproduction camera sample are impressively low Below Fujifilm’s Film Simulation modes work well for great out of the camera JPEGS. This image was shot with the Velvia setting for lively colours

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