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Wanted: master of photography A new TV series which started last month sees 12 photographers bid to become the first Sky Arts Master of Photography and win €150,000

Images The 12 chosen contestants submitted their work in December last year to be considered for the Master of Photography programme on Sky Arts.

demonstrate just how powerful and important photography remains, and that we bring some extraordinary undiscovered talent to light in the process.” Master of Photography judge andphotographer Simon Frederick shares his excitement for the programme. “I think it’s brave of Sky and the production company who made the programme to try and showphotography in the format of a competition and still get the essence of photography and how difficult it is to fill an assignment. That includes all the thinking and planning that goes into a shoot and then the tension and apprehension of having that work repeated by someone else. The fact that they were able to do that is amazing, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a part of the programme,” Simon says. Whatever your photographic level, the show may give you something to relate to, and who knows, youmight be inspired toapplynext year if the show returns. “I think that photography is a very insular life, photographers are often searching for the ability to compare their work with other photographers, or they’re looking for some kindof recognition that they are in fact going down the right road,” Simon says. “With this programme you have a group of people who are all going through those things that you may be going through yourself.”

Interviewby Jemma Dodd

Photography competitions have moved on from just submitting images and prizes being awarded to the best shots. Now they’re taking over our TV screens. The Sky Arts Master of Photography is a new televised photography contest that first aired in the UK, Italy and Germany on 21 July at 8pm, on Sky Arts, and continues weekly. Thousands of applications from amateur and pro photographers across Europe were submitted to the competition last December. Twelve contestants were chosen and over eight weeks they’ll be given new tasks in which they are required to show versatility in different aspects of photography. Their work will be presented to the panel of internationally renowned photographers; Oliviero Toscani, Rut Blees Luxemburg and Simon Frederick. Contributions will also be made from photographers such as David Lachapelle, Alex Webb, BruceGilden, JasonBell andmanymore. Phil Edgar-Jones, director of Sky Arts, said “We’re delighted to have such a prestigious and exciting line-up on board for Master of Photography. Today’s connected world saturates us with snapshots of fleeting moments, but the photographs that last are the result of skill, dedication and hours of hard work behind the lens. We hope this programme will

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