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MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SPACE As one of the most lived-in parts of your home, kitchens need to be flexible, space-efficient, comfortable and welcoming. Make sure the room reflects your needs as a family, as well as providing an eye-catching place to entertain

NATURAL INSPIRATION Embracing natural materials when

designing interiors ticks a lot of boxes, and can help kitchens to merge seamlessly with living areas. Wood and wood effect units – in lots of colours – provide harmonious elements, as do timber worktops, splashbacks and open shelves topped with planters. Green units are in, but you can add interest by combining multiple textures. If this sounds up your street, check out Wren’s Country Kitchen selection. to understand the importance of creating flexible living spaces – especially as many of us double up the dining room table as a desk. The flextension kitchen is a clever, multipurpose space by design: think integrated seating areas, extended breakfast bars and nifty storage solutions that you can use as and when needed. SURPRISING SURFACES Add some drama to your kitchen by installing statement kitchen countertops. THE FLEXTENSION KITCHEN Now more than ever, we’ve come From laminate to quartz and granite worktops, right the way through to eye-catching metallic or patterned splashbacks, or concrete-effect units and floors – it’s time to inject your own personal style into your kitchen.

“You could pair different shades for a more subtle effect”

TAKE TWO Duotone kitchens are having a

DOUBLE ISLANDS For twice the room and twice the

moment this summer: blacks and greys provide a contemporary backdrop; pairing pale pink with pastel blue creates a fun and boutique-chic style kitchen; or go for sage green and cream for a classic farmhouse feel. You could even pair different shades of the same colour for a more subtle effect, or if you’re unsure whether you want to commit to two different colours long term.

style, opt for a double island. Choose ultra- wide kitchen islands to use one side for preparing meals and the other for dining. Alternatively, double-length islands might fit your kitchen – and your lifestyle – better, enabling you to create a workstation with tons of storage, whilst providing you with a focal point in your new, flexible living space.


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