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Our lead PNPOTY 2024 sponsor is Affinity software, a suite of creative tools for design, photography and publishing. Most notable is the Affinity Photo application, which is the only fully loaded professional photo editor integrated across MacOS, Windows and iPad. The program offers everything you could need for image editing, retouching and creating multi-layered compositions. It has gained popularity for its speed and smooth operation, which is achieved through a streamlined design that makes complicated processes simple. One of the best things about Affinity software is that there are no subscriptions, just a one-off payment. So once it’s yours, it’s yours. All PNPOTY 2024 category winners will receive an Affinity Universal Licence, which provides access to the entire Affinity collection. This includes Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher across all your devices using MacOS, Windows and iPad. In addition to the photographic tools on offer, you’ll also have the amazing capabilities of Affinity Publisher at your fingertips, which equips you with everything you need to create your very own photobooks. Such a flexible workflow offers newfound freedom to work when and where you want, so you spend less time chained to your desk and more time doing what you love.

scene, enhance textures and set a mood. Innovative techniques that elevate the subject are particularly appreciated.

including its quality, direction and effect on the subject. We want to see how you’ve used shadows and highlights to sculpt the

We’re expecting photographs in which lighting plays a pivotal role. Submit images that demonstrate your mastery over light,

Prize: Godox mystery prize, Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99



Godox began life in 1993 as a manufacturing facility with a mission to provide professional lighting for photography, videography, cinematography and broadcast. It has since grown into one of the industry’s leading lighting brands, with four manufacturing facilities and over 2500 staff. Godox places significant value in research and development. Since launching the Mini Master series in 1998, it has introduced a number of innovative products to the market – the latest being the remarkably powerful P600R Hard and P1200R Hard panel lights. More recently, Godox has branched out into the audio sector, creating a range of microphones and accessories for all applications, maintaining its commitment to innovation and contributing to the development of the industry. MPB is a global online platform for buying, selling or trading photo and video equipment. You can find everything from cameras and lenses to drones, lighting and accessories. MPB prides itself on being a simple, safe and circular way to trade that helps create a more sustainable used market. The company has recirculated over 500,000 pieces of gear, so there is an abundance of choice. Each used item has been diligently checked by a team of experts and is accompanied by a detailed overview and trustworthy condition rating, backed up by a free six-month warranty that gives buyers additional peace of mind. With more than 625,000 customers served so far – not to mention over 19,000 Trustpilot reviews – the numbers speak for themselves.

We invite you to submit wildlife photographs that showcase the behaviour and beauty of animals in their natural habitat. Subjects should be in sharp focus and images composed thoughtfully. We’ll be in search of photographs that capture a unique moment, behaviour or characteristic, with clever use of lighting and a unique perspective. Prize: Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

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