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A Samsung memory card! WIN!


Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals are back

ELHUMENHAHU RRKYDERMUBP CANNVFHZVWL P X F O D U H F I D P UECSBJRXLGL L L A P B I D I T Q K KANEKFEARRT X C O S Z I U O O M T RDNUOLWMXTC U Z H N A M L I U I Q FBDAWMKCNNX SVHMOLGOE I O K H R O A N S I L K D Y X I F L A G D S O O LWAQNMNLCNG U N V A I R I R B I R MFPWCAQNEBA GNFTOHLLEDL Samsung’s updated Pro Plus cards allow you to shoot more, faster. Stunningly fast U3, Class 10-rated read and write speeds now up to 180/130Mbps let you take and transfer masses of photos. The cards are ready to take on life’s adventures with protection from water, extreme temperatures, X-rays, magnets, drops and wearout, coming with a ten-year limited warranty. Complete the word search below, comprising company names of some of this year’s TIPA award winners, and you’ll find one word in the list that’s not in the grid. Email us on puzzle@ with that word in the subject box by 28 June 2024 and the card will be yours if your name is drawn at random from all the correct entries received. Only entries from UK residents will be accepted. Congratulations to Sharon Buchalter from Cheshire, who was our winner from issue 113. The missing word from issue 114 was ‘garden’.

Analogue enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Kodak has shown additional commitment to film photography, with the European reintroduction of its Professional Photo Chemicals range. This includes the acclaimed Black and White Chemistry line, Colour Negative and E-6 Chemistry. The first phase of the reintroduction focuses on the Black and White Chemistry line, featuring well-regarded products from the days of analogue photography processing such as Xtol, T-Max and D-76. These chemicals are specially designed to cater for an enormous variety of black & white photographic styles and subjects. The Colour Negative and E-6 Chemistry products are due to follow later in the year, broadening the range of chemicals catering for colour and black & white film processing.

Having been officially appointed the European distributor of these products, Dupli promises to make them available to various photography stores and professionals throughout the region.

Benro’s Mammoth tripod series just got bigger

compatible with any of Benro’s photo or video heads. Independently locking, three-stop adjustable legs promise robust support at low shooting angles and a choice of rubber or spiked feet further enhance stability outdoors. The carbon-fibre construction allows the

Benro has introduced three new models to its heavy-duty Mammoth tripod series aimed at landscape and wildlife photographers – the TMTH43C, TMTH33C and TMTH34C. These tripods boast a quick-levelling 75mm platform and versatile 3/8in thread that’s

2.25kg TMTH43C to support up to 25kg, while the 1.88kg TMTH33C and TMTH34C can hold up to 18kg. Additional features include built-in 3/8in threads for mounting accessories like mics, monitors or lights. Find out more at the Benro website.

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