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Madelon Olsthoorn 24i Chief marketing officer & partnerships

What did they teach you? A good mentor doesn’t tell you what you should do or what you should believe. They ask you the right questions so you can figure it out for yourself. Albert Vergeer taught me that a person’s success is 50% talent and 50% discipline. This has truly resonated with me. Having a balance of these qualities creates a person’s success in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT a role and makes their contributions to a company more valuable. What have you learned that you would most like to pass on? Personal development is just as important for growth as professional development, and is something a mentor can add huge value to. I have always managed to find someone within companies to provide that for me, and I aim to pass this on to 24i colleagues every day. I try to incorporate some form of mentoring into all interactions, with the goal of helping people personally and professionally. Who would you like to mentor? I would love to mentor the next female CEO of a mediatech company like 24i or Amino. The best people are those with a willingness to grow. Anything is possible, regardless of age or gender, and I like helping people realise that the world is truly open for them. Someone open-minded and flexible to new ways of working would be a great mentee.

What do you do? As chief marketing officer & partnerships at 24i, I am responsible for 24i’s marketing and partner strategy, roadmap and activities. Currently, I am focused on developing our team to grow from being a purely event-focused organisation to being more digitally driven. Throughout my career, I have found inspiration and mentoring through direct managers and the leadership teams around me. Having this engagement on a day-to-day basis has always helped stimulate my professional growth. Mentioning just one would not do justice to all of them! Every phase in life requires new insights and my mentors have helped with every step. I started out at Liberty Global in 2005, mentored by Rudolph Regter and Brigitte van der Bijl. I moved to the Young Potential Programme at KPN in 2007, with well-respected leaders such as Albert Vergeer, Hugo Suidman and Diederik Rosenbaum. Then, becoming a working parent, I joined 24i’s leadership team where I found inspiration in Jacqueline Smit, a thought leader in the media industry, but also a forerunner in female leadership. Having a broader perspective and a deep knowledge of the industry also helped me become a Who has been a mentor in your career? supervisory board member of one of the local Dutch broadcasters. My role has changed constantly, both privately and professionally, and I’ve needed to adapt to this change along the way. A good mentor can guide and help you discover your path.


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