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Candace Nelson and Zilong Liu capture a CG character performance using Genesis virtual production platform

I ’m back from the culture vacuum that is the NAB Show, but this time with a warning: whatever your traditional production skill – whether it’s operating a camera, lighting a scene, even moving cameras – the virtual world wants to model what you do and then repeat it, without you being there. Through the rise of game engines and the demand from broadcasters for more real-time virtualisation, post-production companies like MPC are creating massive databases that record everything used on a production. This includes data from cameras, grip equipment and even, increasingly, lighting. The endgame aim is to have that data in a sterile boardroom so, for instance, producers can re-lens, relight and recreate the production that you worked on. But don’t be afraid: this is progress, and the post-production giants want you on board. You just need educating! The good news is that your friendly neighbourhood editor has your corner, and we cover the growth of virtual production (and what it means for your future) in this issue. What you shouldn’t do is deny its existence. It’s happening, whether you like it or not. WELCOME


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