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WEEBILL 2’s awinner! The innovative ZHIYUNmotorised gimbal wins a prestigious ProMoviemaker Gear of the Year award

W ith a motorised gimbal an essential part of most independent filmmakers’ equipment, it takes something very special to stand out as truly the best. That’s why the unique technology in the ZHIYUNWEEBILL 2, along with its rock-steady performance and great value, has seen it voted a winner by readers of Pro Moviemaker in the annual Gear of the Year Awards. It is the only motorised gimbal to have its own built-in monitor touchscreen. The whole system can be controlled via a smartphone, with ZHIYUN’s free ZY Play app – but the fold-out HD colour touchscreen means you can quickly and easily access all the basic and advanced settings, tomake changes without having to use a smart device. That’s clever thinking. If you add on the TransMount Image Transmitter AI, then the days of having your camera’s LCD screen partially obscured by the gimbal frame are over, as you can use the WEEBILL 2’s monitor for viewing the image. It makes the WEEBILL 2 perfect for DSLR andmirrorless cameras that don’t have fully-articulating screens. And it enables SMART FOLLOW technology, where the gimbal stays locked on to a subject you identify on the touchscreen. This transmitter can send its signal to the optional МаѕtеrЕуе Vіѕuаl Соntrоllеr, so уоu can mоnіtоr fооtаgе and change settings remotely – ideal for directors, clients or small production teams. The WEEBILL 2 has powerful, yet small motors, which make for a great handheld, three-axis gimbal that can take a large mirrorless camera with a relatively heavy cine lens. It’s definitely a winner!

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KEEP IT STEADY The WEEBILL 2 is fitted with the Infineon two-filter, vector-splitting sensor to improve stability



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