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The kit also comes with windjammers that clip onto the TX units, cutting down wind noise if it’s breezy. To make the Wireless Go II even more useful, there’s a range of accessories. These include a handheld, reporter-style mic that the RX unit fits inside, plus cables to match Android or iOS devices, as well as a range of magnetic or spring clips to attach the units to the talent. There’s even a set of multicoloured windshields, tags and cabled identification markers – ideal for professional set-ups. The standard 3.5mm TRS input means you can plug in a wired lavalier mic and hide the cable under clothing. A firmware update means the Wireless Go II can now be set up on the go with iOS and Android devices, via the Rode Central Mobile app – the first time ever that a compact wireless microphone has been made fully configurable with a mobile app. The Wireless Go II can now also be used with Rode Connect, making it the only microphone of its kind to be fully integrated with podcasting or streaming software. And both Rode Central Mobile “It’s a do-it-all that can be used on smartphones, as a boommic, or USB mic for live streaming or podcasting. It even has a handy headphone socket formonitoring”

STREAMING SENSATION The tiny Wireless Go II is an ideal wireless mic solution. Now, it is fully compatible with the hugely popular Rode Connect software, as well as the Rode Central Mobile app

lower frequencies, such as hum from air conditioners and appliances. One of the most useful features is the safety channel option, allowing one track to be recorded at the level you have set on the dial, and a second track simultaneously at -20dB. So, if there is a sudden increase in noise, you still have usable audio. A great feature is that the mic will sense if your camera has been turned on, then boot itself up instantly, ready for use. Like the Wireless Go II, as well as the Rode NT-USB Mini, the VideoMic NTG is now fully compatible with Rode Connect – so it’s ideal for live streaming or podcasting, and is the first shotgun mic to work with this powerful, free software. The VideoMic NTG is so small and light, it works on a desktop stand or studio arm. So, Rode has also launched a set of green and blue windshields – these can be chroma keyed out of shot for creators using green or blue screens in their work. Fromon-camera use on location –with either camera or phone – to in-studio chroma use for vloggers, the VideoMic NTG is the one microphone that does it all.

and Connect are available to download free. The Rode Wireless Go II might be a tiny system, but it packs in plenty of cutting-edge technology. The shotgun solution The Rode VideoMic NTG isn’t just a professional, shotgun-style mic for a pro camera. It’s a do-it-all that can be used on smartphones, as a boommic, or USB mic for live streaming or podcasting. It even has a handy headphone socket for monitoring. There is stepless, adjustable gain control via a large and obvious dial, and an auto-sensing output automatically switches between TRS and TRRS to differentiate between cameras and phones. A USB-C socket is used to charge the internal lithium battery, which lasts for up to 30 hours. As well as firmware updates, this also provides audio output to a computer for streaming, freeing up the TRS output for monitoring or outputting the signal to an external recorder. There’s a warning light when the power starts to drop, too. The mic comes with a Rycote Lyre shock mount, a sliding rail to adjust the position on camera, and dB peak warning light. Of course, it’s all about the quality of sound, and the VideoMic NTG has a very directional, supercardioid polar pattern, using the same acoustic design as the NTG5 XLR mic. The audio quality is incredible – clear and defined, with plenty of treble and bass. The NTG technology provides amazing clarity – and is incredible at cutting out unwanted noise from around the main subject. A selectable high-pass filter at 75 or 150Hz cuts out

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