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Become an industry titan With immense bang for your buck, the award-winning Rotolight Titan X1 can carry you through freelance gigs and full-blown productions alike

O wning one piece of kit that’s capable of everything is a on what matters most – the perfect shot. Alas, there will likely never come a day when we don’t have to individually dial in camera settings, mic our scene for quality audio, lay track, or balance a gimbal for movement. But, if you had one light that could adapt quickly to every evolving need... well, that would still be something special, wouldn’t it? Fantasise no longer. The Rotolight Titan X1 does exactly that, which is why we’re proud to crown it the Editor’s Choice winner of lighting innovation in this year’s Gear of the Year Awards. It’s a worthy champion, an industry game changer and, in recent months, has been hard at work with cinematographer Denson Baker during the production of The Colour Room . filmmaker’s dream. It’s efficient, cuts costs and lets you focus An underpowered light will never cut it on a feature film. With a best-in-class output of 12,600 lux at 1m, you will have more than enough power for studio and outdoor spaces. On set with Baker, the Titan X1 and X2 were used as window lights, gas lights, special effects and more. To say the Titan X1 is an all-in- one offering is something of an understatement. Foremost, there’s Rotolight’s innovative SmartSoft ™ electronic diffusion technology. You can dial in tiny increments of diffusion, all the way up to a full 216-equivalent level. Add 2500 digital filters and a suite of 16.7 million colours, and the money spent on accessories begins to reduce significantly. There’s even advanced CineSFX ™ – including fire, lighting,

MAKING SWEET MUSIC With a host of connectivity options, including built-in CRMX, the award-winning Titan X1 is a seamless fit on any set and within any lighting crew

“I’ve lovedworkingwith the Rotolight Titans. We’ve been able to achieve every lookwe hoped for and every nuance of colour that we wanted”

gunshots and more. Baker harnessed the colour range to craft The Colour Room ’s period palette. Your choices are virtually limitless. “I’ve loved working with the Rotolight Titans. We’ve been able to achieve every look we hoped and nuance of colour that we wanted,” says Baker. There’s also an extensive host of easily manageable internal features, as the Titan X1 is designed with a number of quick-start icons and 50 presets. Deeper interface comes by way of a full-colour touchscreen panel, so exact requirements can be tested and set easily.

Finally, there’s connectivity. On shoots of varied scales, there’s bound to be different technology available. The Colour Room gaffer Howard Davidson controlled the lighting and colours remotely via his iPad, and confessed he was impressed with the CRMX and had no issues communicating fromhis transmitter to the light unit. “Titans punch above their weight. They are a lot better and brighter than other lights I have worked with.” We do need near limitless creative potential – professionally crafted, easily accessible and reliable. If any light delivers that, it’s a Rotolight.

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STYLE ICON The Titan X1 can adapt to a variety of studio spaces. And with excellent CRI and TCLI ratings across its whole 3000-10,000K range, all lighting requirements are met with ease



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