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The ultimate magazine for next generation filmmakers If you’re already a commercially orientated filmmaker or are currently looking to offer your clients moving footage alongside your existing stills service, then Pro Moviemaker is the ideal magazine for you. The only title out there that’s entirely dedicated to this rapidly growing sector, each quarterly issue is a rich mix of profiles, interviews, expert advice, technique and a wide range of reviews on all the latest gear, delivering the complete package for those looking to learn about what it takes to make the grade in the modern world of filmmaking. Our specialist sections deliver technical and business advice, expert feedback on products ranging from the latest high-profile cameras through to essential accessories and focus on key areas, such as drone operation and the world of VR and 360 filmmaking. Here’s a taste of what to expect inside, so take a look and join the growing band of professionals and pro-minded enthusiasts who are discovering for themselves what filmmaking has to offer. @ProMoviemaker


Aerial filmmaker

We’re constantly on the lookout for commercial filmmakers around the world who have interesting stories to tell and insightful information to share. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn first- hand from successful industry professionals working in many different genres, to hear about how they first broke in and made their way in the industry and to share in their secrets of success. You’ll learn from those at the top of their profession.


This is the section where we reveal the ins and outs of how to run a thriving business. Our panel of experts is ready andwaiting to advise on a variety of topics, while acclaimed software guru Larry Jordan takes a regular step-by-step walk through the post-production process. We also look at regular pro issues that can range from kit hire queries through to how to produce a killer showreel.

Drones have changed the world of commercial filmmaking in a dramatic way and now it’s within the grasp of even low budget productions to feature incredible aerial footage. We catch up with some of those at the cutting edge of this sector to hear about how these incredible devices are being used and also examine the latest news and gossip coming out of this thriving sector.



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Being a successful filmmaker is all about continually learning about the business and building on your existing skills. To help you master the craft, we’ve got some of the world’s top experts writing for us, explaining such things as how to master awesome audio skills, how to emulate trademark cinematic shots in your productions and how to transition from a career in photography to one in filmmaking.

Pro Moviemaker has a reputation for being amongst the first to get its hands on the latest cutting-edge gear, and the magazine’s team of expert reviewers is adept at delivering impartial feedback to help you to decide whether a piece of kit might be exactly what your business needs. We don’t just focus on cameras, however: we review the full gamut of gear, from memory devices and monitors through to lenses and software.

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