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Elinchromgo TTL Lighting specialists Elinchrom has launched its first product featuring TTL flash metering. The ELB 500 TTL is a pro-quality, battery- powered portable lighting system andwhile it boasts the option of TTL flash that is just one of many great features avalable.

New from ThinkTank

ThinkTank’s gear carrying solutions include the StoryTeller series, available in three sizes – 5, 8 and 10 – designed for mirrorless and full-frameDSLR cameras. The 8 and 10 also have tablet pockets. These off-the-shoulder bags made from premiummaterials offer quick gear access and high protection levels and at good prices. The 5 costs £60, the 8 is £65 and the 10 is £80. Also from ThinkTank is its latest Modular Belt system, v3.0. The latest pouches offer faster gear access as well as good protection so are a great solution if you want to get weight off your shoulders and to the waist. There is a full complement of pouches for lenses and accessories with the belts priced at £39 and pouches from around £25. latest

The compact power pack houses a rechargeable lithium battery that can deliver 400 full-power flash bursts from a single charge and a great many more at lower settings, and this power can be distributed through one or two ELB 500 TTL heads. With two heads in use, output is fully asymmetrical within the 7EV power output range. Each lightweight head has a 2.5m connecting cable and accepts Quadra (Q) lighting accessories or full-size Elinchrom-fit modifiers via the Q-Reflector Adaptor Mk II. The ELB 500 head features a daylight-balanced LED modelling light that is powerful enough for video shooting as well as assessing the effect of the flash. Output is rated at 500Ws and there is plenty of power on tap even when it comes to working in bright sunlight in high speed sync mode up to 1/8000sec. Flash duration

is 1/3400sec in normal mode, but switch to action mode and you get 1/20,000sec. To access TTL and HSS, you need the optional Skyport Transmitter PRO radio trigger (Canon and Nikon first). For manual flash all existing Skyport Plus and Plus HS units will

work – Skyport Plus HS triggers will give TTL/HSS with a firmware update, again Canon andNikon first. Existing Phottix Odin II (Canon and Nikon) will give manual and TTL flash functions. The ELB 500 TTL To Go kit includes a pack, battery, snappy

cover, power lead, charger, 18cm reflector, location bag and one head, and costs £1499. We’ll have a full test on the ELB 500 TTL in the next issue of PN , out from 9 April.

Marumi add twoNDs

Marumi’s line-up of glass ND filters has grown by two with the launch of the DHG Super ND 500 and Super ND 1000 that can hold back 9EV and 10EV of light respectively. Both claim to give totally neutral results and are coated to repel oil and water. There is a new coating to combat flare

and ghosting too. Finally, the filter mounts have a satin finish to prevent vignetting. The new NDs are available in filter sizes from

49mm up to 82mm with prices starting from £45.18 for the ND500 and £49.62 for the ND1000 version.

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