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Gear of the year Photography News Awards 2017 It’s time to announce the winners of our 2017 Awards. You’ve made your decisions and this is what you consider to be the best you can buy so our grateful thanks go to everyone who voted in this year’s Awards WINNERS

We love kit and from your response to our Awards, we’re pretty sure you do too. Turn the page and you can see the items you chose to be winners across a wide range of product categories and services. Of course, we have all the obvious stuff covered so plenty of camera and lens categories but our Awards are far-reaching. We cover, for example, what some might consider less glamorous but equally essential product areas like bags, colour management and monitors. In some categories, there were very clear winners while in others there was little to choose between productswith only a fewvotes separating the winner from the shortlisted.

With the headlong pursuit for sales and market share, the gear manufacturers have to work hard at bringing in new technologies and product developments. From this year’s winners, lets just spotlight a couple of products that really demonstrate how brands are working now. The Profoto A1 on the face of it looks like a typical speedlight. But while it does slide onto the camera hotshoe (it can be used off-camera too) the A1 does not give a typical speedlight performance. What you do is get a nice light that can be modified with various accessories – hence Profoto calls it ‘the world’s smallest studio light’ – and it is a wireless remote

control unit for Profoto’s studio lights. And then there’s the Fujifilm GFX medium-format camera system. It was in the shops early in 2017 and we have written plenty about it. This mirrorless camera is compact, feature rich and delivers great quality files demanded by professionals and experienced enthusiasts. This year’s Awards will be presented on the Photography News stand at The Photography Show, taking place 17 to 20 March at the BirminghamNEC. The PN stand is in the food gallery area, so if you are passing, please feel free to stop by and say hello. Thanks for your generous support of this year’s Awards.

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