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Get it right withDatacolor A colour managed workflow, from capture to output, will ensure that what you see is what you get. Datacolor’s comprehensive product range has all you need to help and, for a limited time only, at very special prices

Getting your colours accurate and lifelike is a vitally important aspect of photography and that applies whether you are a keen enthusiast or a professional photographer. Datacolor’s product range has all the tools you need for a

colour managedworkflow, and they are user-friendly so you do not need advanced IT skills to get the most out of them. Here we take a closer look at the kit and offer, and how they can help in your quest for perfect results.

SpyderCHECKR The SpyderCHECKR is a professional-quality device with specially formulated colour pigment patches to help you calibrate your camera, lens and sensor with the supplied software. Housed inaslimprotective case, it canbeusedon location or in the studio; all you need to do is take a test shot with the SpyderCHECKR in the same light as your subject. Later, in software, you can create a profile that can be applied to your workflow for spot-on colours.

SpyderCUBE (found in the Spyder5STUDIO) Using the SpyderCUBE could not be easier. It is small and portable, and has a tripod socket for convenience. What it does is provide complete light information that you can use during processing. So, when you are shooting, just include the SpyderCUBE in the frame, in the same light as the subject is receiving, and take a picture.

In processing, use the frame featuring the SpyderCUBE to set correct white-balance, exposure black and white points, and then those readings can be quickly applied to the rest of the shots taken under the same lighting conditions.

Spyder5PRO The Spyder5PRO is a highly featured monitor calibration device that can be used for colour- accurate viewing images on desktop screens as well as laptops. Once calibrated, your viewing images will always match your prints. Using the Spyder5PRO is straightforward and the supplied software guides you through the process, which includes measuring the ambient light in the room and assessing the screen’s brightness and colour output before producing a profile. For extra peace of mind, youcan compare images before andafter calibrating so you can immediately appreciate the benefit of the Spyder5PRO. As screens age, colour variations can creep in so you can also ask the software to remind you to calibrate regularly if you prefer.

SpyderLENSCAL (found in the Spyder5Capture PRO) You would assume that the lenses on your camera focus perfectly, but that is not the case. Tiny variations in individual samples can prevent you getting pin-sharp images, especially if you like shooting at wide lens apertures where depth-of-field will not cover focusing errors. The SpyderLENSCAL is a compact, foldaway device complete with spirit level and tripod socket that lets you check and calibrate your lens’s AF accuracy at home. You can then store the results in-camera for reliable and repeatable performance.

SpyderPRINT (found in the Spyder5STUDIO)

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The myriad combinations of printer, ink and paper can be a nightmare when it comes to colour-corrected output. But you can bypass all the headacheswith the SpyderPRINT, a device and software that enable you to produce ICC standard colour profiles for your print and favourite media. Using your generated profile will save you time, money and avoid the frustration of your prints not matching what is on the computer screen. The process involves outputting target prints on your set-up and paper, with the software giving you the option of using advanced features for complete control. For example, the SpyderProof feature helps you evaluate detail with provided images, while the Extended Grey Target will help with the accuracy of your black & white and tinted black & white prints. With the test prints, the SpyderPRINT’s software takes you through the process of assessing your test prints with the spectrocolorimeter to build a profile that is customised to your printer, ink and chosen paper. Repeat the process for each of your favourite papers and you then have a set of profiles you can apply during printing.

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