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Canon EOS R3 targets motor sport shooters C anon has revealed further details of its forthcoming high- speed, professional mirrorless camera, the EOS R3. Headline

features include next-level object- tracking autofocus, including a setting for motor sport cars and motorbikes, and oversampled 4K video recording. The camera will use a full-frame, stacked, CMOS back-illuminated sensor, which Canon says is its own design, although so far only Sony has produced and sold stacked sensors. This provides a superfast readout to minimise rolling shutter problems – and offer continuous still-image shooting at speeds up to 30fps with full Dual Pixel CMOS AF tracking and autoexposure, with no viewfinder lag or blackout. This works for stills and video. Autofocus has been a big part of the camera’s development, including Eye Control, which means the initial area for autofocus tracking is activated by simply looking directly at the subject through the viewfinder. With Eye Control and Servo AF activated, the camera will focus on, and track, moving subjects at that location in the frame. When Face Detect + Tracking is active, the camera will continue to follow moving subjects around the active AF area. When recording 5.9K Raw or 4K/UHD internally, 2K and Full HD output is now supported over the 12G-SDI terminal, allowing further compatibility with external HD monitors. Simultaneous output for monitor out and HDMI are also now available. The EOS C70 has had Whole Area AF added to existing large/small frame size options. When using the Whole Area AF mode, Touch Tracking can be initiated, simply by touching the LCD screen. The EF-EOS R 0.71x Mount Adapter, when used with the EOS C70, will also see expanded lens support, with seven new EF lenses. Canon’s CN-E18-80mm and CN-E70- 200mm lenses are now supported via the EF to EOS R Mount Adapter, too.

FIRMWARE BOOST FOR VIDEO GEAR The Canon EOS C70, EOS C500 Mk II and EOS C300 Mk III cameras, as well as the EF-EOS R 0.71x Mount Adapter and CN-E18-80mm and CN-E70-200mm cinema lenses, have been upgraded with free firmware. The EOS C500 Mark II can now record in into live production workflows, alongside Canon’s PTZ solutions. The EOS C500 Mk II and C300 Mk III now

support Look 3D LUT functionality. Users of these cameras, plus C70s, will get ITU BT.709 standard gamma option, with BT.709 Standard assigned to Custom Picture Profile.

4:3 and 6:5 aspect ratio while the camera is in full-frame sensor mode in Cinema Raw Light. In addition to 2x or 1.33x anamorphic desqueeze options, the EOS C500 Mk II and C300 Mk III now feature a 1.8x option. Both these cameras also benefit from Canon’s original, IP-based XC Protocol for remote control from Canon’s RC-IP100 unit. This feature provides control of the zoom, focus, iris, gain adjust and white balance to integrate cinema EOS cameras



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