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We run the rule over the monopod setting the internet alight, a do-it-all powerbank, Sigma’s retro-style 35mmprime and an impressive LED panel



The legs are clamped by three large, red, aluminium locking levers that are easy to use and firm. If they get sloppy, you can tighten them– and the sleeves to which they fasten – using a hex wrench that clips to the top section. At the top and bottom of the monopod are quick- release couplings, where a locking slider comes down to remove the head or feet. The head can then be plugged into the feet, creating a mini tripod for those ultra-low shots – or add another monopod to the top of your iFootage to create an elevated platform for a rudimentary high shot. The feet fold out and lock in three different positions – just about capable for holding up a small camera and lens combo hands-free, but we wouldn’t advise it. Unfasten the locking knob at the bottom, allowing you to angle the monopod around to get into position. This locking knob is a minor gripe. You have to bend down to reach it and it doesn’t lock securely – a firm push gets the angle to move. If you don’t want to use the feet, but prefer a traditional, one-foot monopod, remove the legs and screw in a single rubber foot, kept under the foot unit so you don’t lose it. The monopod comes in a decent fitted bag, and the end of it folds out to allow you to fit a monopod-and- head combo inside. Nice touches like this put the iFootage a step above many rivals.

When a humble monopod gets rave ratings all over the internet – with vloggers, influencers and serious filmmakers all saying it’s the best they’ve ever used – then it’s worth taking a look. The iFootage Cobra 2 C180-II Monopod is the item in question, which we paired with the company’s Komodo K5 Fluid Head. It’s not the head that’s attracting the hype – which is decent and has a spirit level built in – but the monopod itself. It’s easy to see why it’s getting a cult following. Not because there is some radical new technology nobody ever dreamed possible, but because iFootage has designed lots of useful touches – including some of the best cues from other monopods – and put them all together into one light, affordable package. The monopod is a four-section, carbon-fibre arrangement that uses high-quality, matte-finish legs. A rubber sleeve helps you keep a firm grip. The monopod goes up to 180cm/ 70.9in – add a head on top and it’s even higher.

DESIGN FOR LIFE iFootage has brought together lots of innovative ideas into its monopod

SPECIFICATIONS Material: Carbon-fibre leg, aluminiumfixtures Length: 180cm/70.9in Legs: Four-section legs, flip lock Maximum load: 10kg/22.1lb Tripodmount: Flat base Weight: 1.25kg/2.76lb Folded length: 70.5cm/27.8in

Head: Komodo K5 Fluid Maximum load: 5kg/11lb Weight: 0.76kg/1.68lb

PROMOVIEMAKERRATING: 9/10 As close to flawless as you can get for amonopod Pros: Well designed and thought-out Cons: Leg angle locking is not perfect

RED LEADER Anodised bits are nice, but it really wins with unique tech



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