Pro Moviemaker July-August 2021 - Web

U nlike big-money film productions, where the sound department is staffed with specialist audio experts and their pro kit, indie filmmakers don’t just film the action – it’s down to them to make sure audio is up to scratch. You can get away with sub-par visual footage if the sound quality is excellent.

But nothing will ruin your masterpiece more than dodgy audio, no matter how good it looks. Most filmmakers have the basics of a shotgun XLR mic, lav mic, audio recorder, DSLR-type mic and some sort of sound-deadening wind muff. But as the calibre of work improves, many creatives are quick to invest in new

cameras and lenses without considering whether they need a boost to their audio. Just as there are constant improvements in camera technology, sound recording kit is advancing all the time. We take some of the newest and best audio gear on the market and put it through its paces – to check out what’s hot and what’s not.



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