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From wardrobes to offices, independent specialist store Sliderobes offers fully fitted furniture for the whole house. Angelina Villa-Clark finds out more SLIDING DOORS


C elebrating its 40th anniversary in 2023, Sliderobes is renowned for its fantastic fitted furniture. Since launching in 1983, it has grown to encompass a team of 50 staff and, while the company’s headquarters are found in Belfast, Northern Ireland, boasts a number of showrooms across the UK. “When the company started, we were one of the first to introduce state-of-the- art, made-to-measure sliding wardrobes. We quickly became known for our high- quality, fitted bedroom furniture,” says Manuel Scaronne, designer at Sliderobes. “Since then, the brand has elevated its offering to provide fitted furniture solutions for every room in the home. Our unique selling point is that everything remains fitted, bespoke and made to measure.” Customers can choose to meet one of the company’s designers in the comfort of their own homes – or indeed in one of the showrooms – to discuss their needs. “We offer a hands-on approach and work with clients to assess what will be best for their space,” continues Manuel. “Our furniture is completely fitted, and the joy of that is it makes the most of every inch of space. We pride ourselves on how we marry design and practicality when it comes to providing a storage solution.”

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also keeps the client involved

After booking an appointment online, customers can arrange a meeting with a designer. The collaborative process means each client is involved with all the design decisions – from colours to finishes. After the space is measured, CAD software is used to create a detailed 3D mock-up of how the space will look with the proposed fitted furniture. “We’ll refine this until the customer is 100% happy,” Manuel assures, “and then book an installation date. We are very design-focused, with

“With the rise of home working, we’ve also had more home office projects, where we create an organised and tidy environment with custom storage and bespoke desks.” As well as offering a sleek aesthetic, fitted furniture brings much-needed extra storage – vital to many of us. Wardrobes, for example, can run from floor to ceiling and be built around awkward angles, so there is no wasted space. Wardrobes and cupboards may be configured internally with rails, shelves and drawers to suit the

requirements of each customer. Sliderobes also offers bespoke free-standing pieces, such as chests of drawers or bedside tables, so the end result is cohesive. “Most of my clients usually have

our team receiving continuous training to ensure they’re ahead of trends. It’s also important they have the latest technical knowledge to offer the optimum client experience.”

We’ll refine this until the customer is 100% happy

Post-Covid, the company has seen an increase in demand for bespoke, fitted furniture unique to an individual’s style. While the popularity of sliding wardrobes hasn’t waned, the company reveals there is a growing demand for fitted living room furniture and built-in media units. “This is the room where people spend the most time, so they want to invest in something that looks good, but is also practical. Our furniture hides all the clutter that comes with family living,” says Manuel.

a good idea of what they want – and an excellent sense of style,” explains Manuel. “I just use my design knowledge to perfect the result. The best thing about Sliderobes furniture is that the pieces are built to last, and they come with a ten-year guarantee. Designing a room like this is an investment that can improve the look of your home and add value in years to come.”


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