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TOP TIPS FROM TOMAS Tomas Hinton, founder and head designer of Tomas Kitchen Living, on what to prioritise when designing your kitchen

A top consideration is whether or not the kitchen has to accommodate a laundry function – ideally, the laundry is elsewhere (even upstairs if a utility room takes too much prime ground-floor space). You then need to decide where the freezer will be at an early stage. Will it be built under, a fridge- freezer combo or a free-standing American-style unit? Many people find built-under fridges awkward to access, so finding space for a tall fridge is key. Likewise – ovens. If space is limited, consider positioning them side by side under the hob, leaving space for a tall fridge and more generous pantry storage. If a main oven is placed next to a combination compact oven (with microwave or steam functions), a warming drawer is often required. Not only is this useful for warming plates and food, it will also ensure the heights are equal… essential for that sense of kitchen karma! The location of fixed constraints and services – such as a rising water main and a boiler – must also be checked before developing ideas for the layout. At the same time, it’s worth considering if there’s scope for moving doors and window positions, particularly if you’re at a pre-build stage. When we’re designing kitchens for clients, we first define and identify the area the kitchen will occupy, then consider these constraints before setting about creating the optimum layout. We suggest you follow a similar process to achieve a functional and fabulous kitchen.


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