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The pair initially envisaged the Lock House becoming a beautiful family home, where the local community would also be able to host events such as pop-up exhibitions. Roughly midway through the project, the future of the Lock House is a question they’re tussling with more than ever. “My dad passed away quite recently, and that really shook our dream of what the house will be for, because we’d very much wanted for my parents to retire there and have this nice house they could enjoy after all these years of working so hard to build a life in the UK,” explains Elizabeth. “Because of the amazing response we got from local people, their level of interest and support in the project – which was quite moving, actually – we had this idea that we would love to have some way in which we could use the house as a space or a hub for the community.” Victoria’s husband sadly passed away on the day Renovation Nation aired, meaning the pair have been on hiatus with We had very much wanted for my parents to retire there


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