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Located at the Copley Hill Farm Business Park, just outside Cambridge, ClubCycle is a new indoor cycling studio offering a range of different classes. It was founded by Heather Harper, who wanted to “bring a fun, safe and inclusive way of exercising to Cambridge,” she explains. “I have a background in psychology and understand the importance of the group exercise setting for motivation and commitment. I keep the atmosphere fun: expect disco, old-school Beyonce, ABBA, Madonna, Daft Punk and other upbeat tracks!” Classes include ClubCycle 40 (a classic 40-minute class suitable for all), Rock on Revolutions (an emphasis on hard rock and hard efforts!), ClubCycle 30 (a short and intense half-hour blitz), Sit and Spin (riders remain fully seated throughout – ideal for those nursing injuries) and Music Madness: with a different musical theme each time. Unique to the ClubCycle offering is its ‘coach by colour’ system, where cyclists can see the zone they’re working in on their bike, from a white light (easy/warm-up effort) to red (maximum power, usually only reached in sprints and hill climbs). “When I first thought of setting up CCC, I had so many people say, ‘I went to a spin class once and hated it because I didn’t know how hard to work’. I’ve also heard so many people say, ‘I was dying in the first five minutes, and the people next to me weren’t breaking a sweat’. The coach by colour system allows the workout to be tailored to the member’s fitness level. Throughout the class, the instructor will give a colour zone to reach so you know how hard to push yourself.” If you give spin a go, you can reap benefits like weight loss and improved heart health – plus it’s a great stress buster. It’s sociable, too, and unlike traditional cycling you can comfortably train come rain, shine or snow. Check the website for details and to book.

Divine bronze luxe quad: Venusian Sunrise, £48, Pat McGrath Labs This couture quartet, brand new from the iconic Pat McGrath Labs, sculpts and defines your eyes, creating smouldering looks with a touch of sun-kissed bronze. The quad includes a highlighter, two neutral brown mattes, and a lustrous metallic gold. Crayon Blackstar, £23, By Terry Add an instant pop of colour to your peepers with this new product from By Terry. As with all of the brand’s makeup, it incorporates skincare ingredients, which means it takes care of your delicate eye area while also delivering a highly pigmented colour hit. We love the on-trend cobalt shade (No 5 Terrybleu), which works as an eyeliner, kohl and base for glittery shades. Rehydrating Concentrate, £59, Katherine Daniels Dubbed ‘notox’ by its creators, this award-winning serum promises a non-invasive alternative to botox and fillers. It’s a great product to have in your arsenal for when your complexion feels a bit parched and lacklustre, drenching skin moisture and leaving it feeling bouncy and deeply hydrated, hours after application. It also works longer-term to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production, which is especially helpful for more mature skin. L’Eau Rêvée D’Hubert, £81 (50ml), Sisley Paris Spring is the perfect time to invest in a zingy new scent, and this recent release from Sisley Paris is a sublime candidate. Fresh, floral and invigorating, it blends geranium notes with an aromatic, patchouli-infused base, and a spritz of mint and moss.


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