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local young people and families – is the principal partner, while charities including Jimmy’s, the YMCA, Street Aid, It Takes a City and Wintercomfort are also involved. The pageant on Parker’s Piece will include choirs and musicians from Cambridge colleges, performances by local talents and schoolchildren, together with screenings of films about the city made by local residents and talks about local history. To commemorate the occasion and celebrate the best of seasonal British produce, University Arms chef Tristan Welch is working with top regional growers, producers and suppliers to host food stalls in a special enclosure on the day. As Tristan says: “Originally, they all chipped in – all college kitchens. The town became part of the festivities. Local traders, butchers, bakers, creators, anybody and everybody became involved. “We want to plan for a lovely menu,” he continues. “A unique blend of purveyors from amazing distillers, historic bakeries, local smokehouses, brewers and various others. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event,

to raise quickly. But generous donations, collections from the parishes and sales of tickets – to both subscribers who gained special attendance tickets as well as non- subscribers – raised what was necessary. As the dinner finished and crowds moved to Midsummer Common, music, games, a hot air balloon ascent and fireworks concluded a most memorable day. So what is Cambridge planning for the upcoming coronation of King Charles III? The most splendid plan is a 21st-century version of the coronation feast on the Piece, recreating in some way the event held in honour of our present King’s great- great-great-grandmother. Not to the same scale and with rather different food, but nevertheless still an emphasis on the less privileged, and with a free feast, pageant and entertainment. Sponsors are enabling this, and 1,000 tickets are being given to local charities for disadvantaged groups in the community. Sponsors, as in the original feasts, will also attend the event. Romsey Mill – a charity dedicated to creating opportunities for

and a chance to emphasise everything that makes Cambridge and our local food scene so vibrant. Times are hard for all, and food is one of the harder-hit areas, so as with the massive Victorian celebration, all food and drink will be given at cost. The plan is to be part of the city celebrating the community.” This outstanding and historic event to promote inclusion within Cambridge and the surrounding community should be as memorable as its predecessor – a fitting celebration for our new King.

1,000 tickets are being given to local charities in the community

FUN OF THE FAIR An artist’s impression – Parker’s Piece hosting the festivities, this time for the coronation of Queen Victoria, June 1838


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