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So far, all books from Jennifer Saint are unmissable and, happily, this new epic is no different from the writer’s earlier smash-hit novels Ariadne and Elektra . This time, the author has turned her attention to retelling the legendary story of Atalanta, who was left to die on a hillside as a baby for the ‘crime’ of being a girl – then saved and raised by bears, before being taken by the goddess Artemis to live alongside her nymphs, enjoying a seemingly idyllic childhood in an enchanted forest, running wild, growing strong and learning to prove herself. Yet as she matures (unlike her ageless companions), she starts to question the unbending rules and harsh punishments Artemis imposes upon her pastoral idyll. Atalanta is curious about adventure, to experience life outside the

forest, and is soon given her chance by the goddess: she is sent to join the Argo to be the only female Argonaut and takes her place as one of Jason’s crew on his mythical voyage to retrieve the legendary Golden Fleece. She proves her worth time and time again, winning over the initially sceptical crew with her strength, speed, loyalty and devotion to her patron Artemis. Atalanta’s journey sees her encounter monsters, navigate challenges and cross paths with heroes and legends, all described in Jennifer Saint’s artful, poetic prose. This book is no doubt on the radar of those who love retellings of classical Greek stories, but anyone who loves a strong female lead will adore this adventure alongside the fearless, irresistible Atalanta. Grab your sandals and spear – and strap in for the ride.

LEGEND HAS IT Atalanta is the third myth-based novel from Jennifer Saint, Sunday Times bestselling author


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