FEED Autumn 2021 Newsletter



Tell us about the company origins? CyberEDU started in the spring of 2020 as a “gym” for the worldwide hacker community: a place where you could hone your existing cybersecurity skill sets, or learn new ones. Together, myself (Florina Dumitrache) and the company co-founder identified the need for a practice and learning space – initially through feedback from attendees of our popular cybersecurity competitions (from the DefCamp Hacking Village). Participants wanted us to keep the challenges up and running past the competition end, so they could have more time to find the solutions. We’ve further validated this need and worked on the product during our time in the IMPACT EdTech Program – where we have been selected from almost 400 European start-ups. After the overall evaluation, we managed to reach third place amongst all the participating start-ups. Moreover, during the two stages of the IMPACT EdTech Program, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with teachers and academias, as well as companies from various countries, to further validate our product and

see what needs to be done for a successful early adoption in the education sector. Currently, what are you working on? We are focusing on implementing new features for the academic sector, facilitating access to valuable resources that will help them teach cybersecurity. Moreover, we are happy on CyberEDU to host very important cybersecurity European competitions, like ECSC – the European Cyber Security Challenge – and working on the timeline for next year. Last, but not least, we are permanently working to improve the platform and add new labs to tackle cybersecurity vulnerabilities. What is the next step for the company? We are looking towards launching growth campaigns to reach as many teaching academies as possible. The need for skilled cybersecurity professionals is only growing every day – and we took the responsibility to provide effective and success-driven training journeys to individuals throughout the industry. Also, supporting the academic sector is on top of our priority list for the upcoming period. What one thing does the company need most right now? We are considering looking for smart investment, to allow us to further develop both the team and our platform. We have the knowledge and expertise to develop CyberEDU, but need more connections to ensure traction and a lean internationalisation.

MAJOR GOALS Florina wants to expand her reach across the academic sector


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