FEED Autumn 2021 Newsletter


What is the company’s origin story? Back in the late eighties, myself (Gleb Divov) and co-founder Anton Lenin – both synaesthetes hearing the world as we see it – were too lazy to learn musical instruments. However, we were already computer geeks. (Eventually, we did have to become multi- instrumentalists as well.) Our idea was to have a computer take the melody out of our heads as we heard it, then let us edit it and do whatever we wanted with already recorded material. At that time, the grass was greener, computers were bigger, so there was no chance of making it a reality, and the idea lay on the shelves of time. Fast-forward to 2017, when our international research (which was on the application of AI technologies in psychology, medicine and culture) that we had been conducting since 2007, produced a melodic phrase instead of plain sound. It clicked! We took our psychological matrix invention as a base, added the blockchain-based Decentralized Improvisation, introduced audioNFT concept, added Source of Inspiration innovation as a starting point for a music composition (instead of using pre-trained models) and created the first MVP of the Musical Blockchain. During the first test drive at a real-world music festival, people started dancing to the third track, confirming the viability of our idea. That was the beginning of the FAYR Ecosystem (fayr.org) with the Musical Blockchain as one of the foundation stones, which, some years later, has a profound real-world impact on music, art, TV/movies, education, city and social initiatives, medicine/ psychology and other fields.

GLEB DIVOV Inventor and co-founder of Musical Blockchain

What are you working on right now? We just launched our international charity initiative, Token of Gratitude (tog.foundation), are working on a new HCI music and XR with Juno Reactor, and have a very extensive roadmap for implementation. Stay tuned, it’s going to be hot! (Hint, hint: it will involve HCI, XR, xNFT, showbiz/movie/fashion industries and more.) What is the next step for the company? We’ve already verified our roadmap is correct. Our world-first, psychology-based AI music composer still has no analogues anywhere else. Our work is recognised globally, with five international awards in the past two and a half years, so we’re happy to drive our bootstrapped

ecosystem at its own pace, unlocking achievements and sticking to the plan.

What one thing does the company need most right now? Not to blow up from excitement. We really love doing what we do (and enjoy our global impact). We wish this to all our colleagues around the world.


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