FEED Autumn 2021 Newsletter

As content distribution scales and becomes more complex,

ixi was founded 15 years ago, but the company became an essential workflow component of major media organisations when it made the internet a viable network to support broadcast video.

broadcasters are looking to cloud-based services for support

“There were many sceptics in the early days,” remembers Eric Bolten, VP strategic account development at the company. Zixi evolved from straightforward point-to-point connections in the early days, to more complex multipoint live video delivery, allowing users to ultimately manage thousands of streams through Zixi’s software-enabled control plane, ZEN Master, that provides a UI for broadcasters to virtualise and handle highly complex network activity. With software-defined video delivery now in the mainstream, the pandemic saw an even further acceptance of virtualisation and the cloud, that has created another step change in how broadcasters think about workflows. “Five years ago, a broadcast engineer could make a case for never putting signals on IP, let alone the internet,” says Bolten. “Now, you’ve got internet being used with edge computing across the cloud, in conjunction with fibre, plus the addition of 5G as well.” ZIXI AS A SERVICE The vision of uniting these disparate paths of distributing video has led to the development of Zixi as a Service. ZaaS provides an optimised set of infrastructure packages, enabling media companies and service providers to ingest and distribute live video over IP with ultra-low latency – and all the functionality of the whole Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP).



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