FEED Autumn 2021 Newsletter



What is the company’s origin story? My name is Annika Lidne – and I am the Dramatify CEO. I’ve been working in the TV industry since childhood, and later on was involved with screenwriting. Following that, I took a detour into the internet industry, where I met my technical co-founder, Angelika. Our meeting proved to be the perfect combination of industry insight and technical know-how. Together, we identified the lack of modern, mobile collaboration tools and, as a result, founded Dramatify. Our company was recognised by MIPTV’s MIPlabs as one of the world’s most innovative companies within television and video technology, after the first beta was released. Today, Dramatify works with broadcasters and production companies worldwide, on everything from galas, entertainment, non- fiction and drama. More recently, we have had an increase in sports broadcasting work. Dramatify is a service for the broadcasting, film and video industry. We offer features from the script and rundown stage, through to production for the entire team. That means collaboration solutions for production managers and coordinators, directors, ads, scenography, makeup and hair, wardrobe, location and on-set crew and cast. We’re proud to say we have some of the best rundown solutions out there, with a flexible tool that


comes with integrated cue cards – both digital and print – automatic camera cards, teleprompter exports, and integration with CuePilot vision mixer for music shows. Since Dramatify is a web platform, it works on any device – computer, tablet or smartphone – and does not require any download, installation or upkeep. Just sign up and go. It also means companies and broadcasters can work with outside talent, without having to bring them into their own internal networks and servers, as well as allowing team members to contribute from anywhere – and even produce shows completely remotely, as some customers have done during the pandemic. What are you working on right now? We are building features for sports broadcasting in time for the Beijing Winter Olympics next year, studio integrations, and extended functionality for drama scheduling. What is the next step for the company? We have many industry-requested features in our roadmap, and want to scale up, so more cast and crew members around the world can enjoy smart mobile tools, allowing them to be more creative and efficient.

BACKSTAGE Dramatify offers a flexible tool with integrated cue cards

What one thing does the company need most right now? We are looking for investors to scale presence and growth around the world.


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