FEED Autumn 2021 Newsletter


ALWAYS THERE, ALWAYS READY Business continuity is one area requiring the strictest attention. The pandemic has proven how essential it is to be able to reconfigure – or even relocate – your operations when disaster strikes. As climate change accelerates, solid business continuity will become increasingly vital. “It’s interesting how many businesses have adapted and pivoted to remote access and automation in order to access their systems remotely,” adds Hinwood. Telstra’s global reach means it has flexibility to leap to the rescue in the event of a customer emergency. “Disaster recovery is huge for us. Thanks to Telstra’s contingent of Satellite Earth Stations combined with our GMN-connected partner teleports, we have satellite teleport capabilities that span the globe. I dare say there’s not a satellite in the world we can’t see at some point.” Embracing an IT framework for broadcast has brought new and deeper ways for Telstra to assess customer issues. The team uses network management systems to distribute capability across all BOCs in its global media network, employing a raft of dashboards and analytics tools to monitor and assess the subsea cable, local connectivity networks and satellite teleports. “We’re not looking at PIPs or decoding pictures as much any more. We don’t always need to see exactly what a customer on the other side of the world is doing. Our job is to monitor the health of services and provide a world-class level of service assurance and service management.” Beyond the impressive tech, however, the heart of the Global Assurance Strategy is the ability to be available to media customers and respond to any problems immediately. “It’s day-to-day operational management, so when customers call us, we can react as quickly as possible,” says Hinwood. “Telstra has amazing technical teams that come up with integrated solutions for any broadcast and media requirement.”

and engineering team in Hong Kong at the Stanley Teleport – while expanding its partnerships in the USA to manage in-region operations, from bookings to service assurance. “This distributed workload model is really good for us,” says Hinwood. “It allows our team in Sydney to focus on more in-region events, rather than mitigating issues on the other side of the world.” Our partners play an important role in our Service Assurance Strategy. In total, 17 partner MCRs are connected to Telstra’s Global Media Network (GMN), giving the company a real breadth and depth of customer support.



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