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REMOTE EDITING IS HERE Editing and collaborating from anywhere with anyone? Yes! We learned more at Dalet Pulse...

ach year, asset management expert Dalet holds a summit around the NAB Show where media and tech professionals

can connect, collaborate and celebrate. It’s called Dalet Pulse and it’s had a great reception among the largely US-based NAB crowd. But Dalet is an international company, with headquarters in France and offices on five continents. This year, Dalet is bringing its Pulse technology conference to the world, kicking off in the UK. Held in partnership with AWS and Adobe at Amazon UK headquarters in London, Dalet Pulse UK spent a half-day analysing and discussing changing workflows in a fully connected production environment. One of the central themes of Dalet Pulse UK was the practical reality of remote editing. Even until very recently, a production team at a remote location couldn’t fully and effectively access and leverage assets back at home base. Likewise, a newsroom back in a national capital didn’t always have easy access to the work being done by a team in the field. EDITING FROM EVERYWHERE Dalet presented on Remote Editing: How to enable distributed teams to collaborate around editing from everywhere. It’s natural that Dalet would want to dive deep into the topic. At this year’s NAB Show, the company announced its new Dalet Remote Editing framework, which brings the full-featured multimedia editing capabilities to editors working in the field or at remote offices, without requiring a PAM/MAM at every location. Media organisations in fast-paced production markets like news, sports or reality TV often have extensive field


production needs. Unmitigated access to content located at the central hub and accelerated media exchange from the field to home and back are key for success. The Dalet Remote Editing framework connects journalists, producers, editors and other content creators to the central content hub, enabling in-the-field users to edit, assemble, collaborate and submit packages or download high-resolution media, even in low-bandwidth situations. The first release of the framework supports Dalet OneCut natively, and subsequent updates will support Dalet Xtend compatible third-party editing applications, starting with Adobe Premiere. It leverages the AWS infrastructure and Dalet smart- caching technology to eliminate security and latency issues that can be a bugbear in remote productions. OneCut is Dalet’s collaborative

multimedia editor that has native integration with Dalet’s Galaxy five MAM and workflow orchestration platform. Galaxy is a mainstay for organisations working with large amounts of content piped in from multiple sources, especially in live and just-in-time environments like newsrooms. OneCut allows for fast-paced, streamlined editing for multiple content outlets, and offers tools for collaboration, content sharing and remote workflows. OneCut can operate in a stand-alone mode as a simple editor in a connected mode, allowing users to access a content catalogue and download content locally, and then in a fully integrated mode where OneCut is part of a Dalet Galaxy five framework. It’s in this integrated mode that flexible, high-powered remote editing can take place, with editors in the field able to push and pull content from a central facility.

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