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64 Competition

R C I N B Y A L E D L N E E R C S N T R S D Y X G S V M R G O R M R B O M T O R I R I R E W E I V O J U R Y J M B S F T Z N V I B N K N E I O C U F M Y R R P N L S W I T C H S E O J M T H G I L P U M S T T H S A L F E N G N I T A O C P M L B Z H Y R F P S W O I U I U E D A H S O N F R D Z B U V L X J O M N S T U D I O O Q P U U S G L A R E F P O B H O M C I E W S A D Y Z I Y C S E T E L E D Capture life’s magical moments across all devices with the Samsung EVO Plus 256GB microSDXC memory card with SD adapter, offering read speeds up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. Samsung’s latest cards are also ultra reliable and are water, temperature, X-ray and magnet proof, so shooting in the most challenging conditions isn’t an issue.We have one 256GBSamsungEVOPlusmicroSDXCcardwithSDadapterworth£74.99 for the eagle-eyed winner. Complete the word search below, and you’ll find one word in the list that’s not in the grid. Email us on with that word in the subject box by 11 August 2019 and thewinner will be randomly drawn fromall correct entries received. The correct answer to PN 66’s word search was Lens, and the Samsung 256GB EVO Plus cardwas won by JaneWilliamson fromBasingstoke. A Samsung memory card! WIN! I

Editor’s letter Winter’s coming

Okay, I’m being a mite melodramatic – but it is true that the days are getting shorter from now on in. On 21 June, the longest day, we had a PN meetup in London; and thanks to all those who turned up. It was an informal gathering of readers with no set-up agenda, but it was a great chance to spend time with like-minded souls enjoying their picture-taking around the capital. That said, a few readers gave themselves a mission, none more so than Chung Hau, whose task was mission impossible. He decided to photograph 24 London high streets in 24 hours. “I’m never doing that again... not all in 24 hours, at least,” he toldme. “I’d picked them according to their proximity to each other although I seriously misjudged that as well! I ended up with 11 final panoramas because 13 didn’t stitch properly.” Nevertheless you have to admire Chung’s commitment to his task. In 27 hours he walked over 53k steps and 22 miles and took 452 pictures. Go to to see his project. That is some going and better than anything I managed. I’m not even going tell you my step count, although it was five figures (just about!) and I didn’t have a plan of any sort. I knew I wanted to explore Brick Lane and Shoreditch, Soho in the early hours, shoot some modern architecture and perhaps a few markets. No projects, just stuff washed down with a couple of glasses of wine. To be frank, I wasn’t feeling that inspired to do anything too strenuous, and that was

simply due to the fact I was exhausted before I started.I’dspentthepreviousfewdayswalking to and from poppy fields and had clocked up quite a few miles with a weighty photo bag on my back. Yes, I know poppy fields are clichéd and over photographed, but I’m easily pleased and I like poppy fields, so I’m very happy photographing them. Besides, they aren’t that common so the novelty value applies. With the help of Facebook friends I found three locations to explore. One spot I had some success at, another was past its best and one had potential but was surrounded by a high fence with private signs every few metres. The landowner forgot the barbed wire and a watchtower with machine gun-toting guards. Looking at my OS map app I did see that a public footpath went round the back of this field so I decided to take a walk to see if I could get any closer. I could, and the fencing eventually ran out and I could see a lush patch of poppies about 50maway. However, as a law- abiding, scaredy-cat snapper I didn’t venture off the public path. That evening, all I achieved were an aching back, nettle stings and several very itchy insect bites. Oh, the joys of summer photography. I hope you you’ve had better fortune in your picture-taking, and until next time, keep it going.

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