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Rosco’s DMG Lumière Mix line- up has been a huge hit with cinematographers and gaffers alike for its colour accuracy and quality of light. The fixtures are lightweight and powerful, and available in three form factors, the Mini Mix, SL1 Mix and Maxi Mix, all have True Rosco Colour. This is “a library of over 130 gels that have been tested and approved by Rosco for colour accuracy and precision”, explains Lauren Proud, director of global marketing at Rosco. The patented Mix technology features a proprietary blend of six LEDs: red, lime, green, blue, amber and white, enabling the line-up to create a wide and accurate gamut of colours. The Mini Mix is a 100W light with 3030 LED units that can output 2260 lux at 1m at 5600K, so makes the perfect accent light! The Maxi Mix is a 360W LED outputting over three times the light of the Mini, producing 7550 lux at 1m at 5600K. But the Maxi Mix has a trick up its sleeve; its unique modularity using the Link system, which allows multiple Maxi Mix fixtures to be configured together to an infinite size. The entire line-up can be controlled via the MyMix app – something very welcome during the current production environment! “Key features are colour creation and fine-tuning, Rosco gel library and the ability to capture, save and share colours. It works extremely well as a planning and collaboration tool. Colours can be curated into folders based on project and shared with colleagues,” says Proud. Beyond that, the Mixbook digital swatch book has been very popular with filmmakers as a previsualisation tool. The handheld fixture contains the same LED chip set as the Mix fixtures, allowing coloured light to be tested against sets, costume and talent prior to lights being set up. The Mixbook is also fully controlled by the MyMix app.

IMAGE Astera’s remote- controlled Titan Tubes on set with Ronin Creative


information to the app, you can always check their status such as battery charge, DMX address etc, and you can build groups and cues out of lights without even having to touch them,” says Bückle. New from Astera is its 10W LED RGB Nyx lightbulb, which offers all the same great colours and features as the Titan Tube in a bulb. “Just think about the numerous globes that are carried around by gaffers which can be replaced by this bulb. You can set any colour, colour temperature, brightness etc from the Astera App to ensure the right light for your setting.” The company hopes to see an ingenuity shift towards lights with batteries and wireless receivers, plus more sensors and features. Bückle enthuses: “We believe it’s normal that lights get these, just as home usage gadgets have. This is exactly what Astera represents.”

Famous for some of the best LED tubes on the market, Astera specialises in battery-powered, remote-controlled lights, which offer filmmakers great colour control for practical sources. Its Titan Tube, which launched in 2018, completely changed the way that lights were used on sets, since it “takes minutes to install and program complex lighting patterns that previously would have only been possible with DMX desks and operators”, explains Sebastian Bückle, Astera’s sales and marketing director. What makes Astera’s products most unique is the built-in battery and app control, but also the way in which they come in a standard kit of eight lights, containing all the grips and accessories needed for a quick set-up. “On top of that, our lights feature an industry-leading LED engine that offers high CRI/TLCI and precisely calibrated colours and white tones.” The app, which has been available since 2015, now had a large database of features for help with setting up and for controlling and monitoring lights. “It offers many ways to input colours, via HIS, picking filter gels or entering X and Y coordinates, for example. From these colours, you can create complex effects that run over the tube’s pixels like in a lighting desk. Since the lights are sending back

BELOW On the Titan Tube, it only

takes minutes to install and

program complex lighting patterns


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