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LEFT Launched in July of this year, the Vortex8 from Creamsource is already seeing action


in output to that of a 1.2K HMI, which for a 500W COB LED is very impressive, and comes in at just shy of £2000, which is considerably less money than a good 1.2K HMI. Nanlite does offer app control via its phone app, but the main caveat is you need to buy the separate Nanguang/ Ledgo LED LGA30 2.4GHz controller for the lights to communicate with the app. The control box does also offer DMX and a 100-metre range. However, Nanlite has all but confirmed it is working on a new app that will work without the LED controller, meaning users will have direct app control right out of the box. A very welcome addition!

Nanlite is the sister company to Nanguang and Ledgo, with a focus on higher quality, more professional lighting. It has a diverse line-up, but the real gems are the Forza COB series and the Pavotube RGB tube lights, which are available in three lengths: the 30C (117cm, 32W), 15C (77cm, 16W) and the smaller 6C (25cm, 6W). The tubes all have a high CRI and built-in effects, as well as variable CCT and RGB. The Forza series from manufacturers like Aputure and come in four different models (60W, 200W, 300W and 500W), all of which are daylight- balanced at 5600K. The Forza 500 is equivalent lights are similar in design to COB units

CREAMSOURCE Creamsource has a unique approach: it spends time on set with DOPs and gaffers, and the entire team, including the CEO, are involved in product development. “This is part of what makes us unique; we’re not designing a product and then trying to sell it. We’re designing something that our customers are asking for,” says Mark Naidoo, CMO of Creamsource. The Vortex8 is the flagship 2X1 650W LED RGBW unit from Creamsource, with an IP65 water resistance rating – a rarity within the industry – and a CCT varying from 2200K to 15,000K. At 5600k at 1m, the Vortex8 kicks out 73,500 lux! With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or DMX control and an easy-to-fit diffusion attachment, the Vortex8 is built like a tank and weighs 13.7kg. “When we introduced the Vortex8 in July, what we were really launching was the Vortex lighting system. The Vortex8 is the flagship product, but the lighting system will evolve and grow: it’s dynamic,” says Naidoo. As part of the Vortex lighting system, Creamsource also offers the Micro Bender and Micro Colour, which are 80W panels. The Micro Bender has a variable CCT of 2700K to 6500K, with the Micro Colour offering 2200K to 15,000K, along with full RGB. The final light in the main line-up is the SpaceX, which is a six-LED array totalling 1200W, equivalent to tungsten 5K. The SpaceX has a naked beam angle of 115°, but an optional optical accessory can focus this down to 50°. The SpaceX is marketed as a ‘space light’ and weighs 18kg. Creamsource offers a range of control options for its fixtures via Vortex Connect. “Vortex Connect is not an app, but rather a set of connectivity protocols,” explains Naidoo. “There are so many apps

LCA LCA now has the new Litemat Spectrum OS2 from Litegear. The Spectrum is the company’s flagship product, featuring full RGB, a CCT of 2000K to 11,000K and a green adjustment of +/- 8. The OS2 is a firmware update to the original. Recoded from the ground up, the Spectrum OS2 offers improved stability, new features and other added enhancements, such as a ‘Cue Playback’ function. This gives users repeatable control, as it has the ability to record the CCT, tint, saturation and accent colour, and then easily hold, bump and flash the output. This is especially useful when actors hit a mark or open a door or window in a scene, for example. The OS2 also allows for six custom presets to be saved and quickly selected. Plus, it has an Audition feature, which lets you turn the fixture output on and off with a button, allowing you to sample the light without powering down or changing settings. Overall, the OS2 looks to be a worthwhile upgrade, adding some fantastic features to an already strong line-up!

already in the marketplace that gaffers are comfortable using, such as Blackout and Synth FX Luminair 3, and we want to support them. Creamsource products are therefore compatible with apps using the TimoTwo protocol by Lumen Radio, as well as DMX.”


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