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DRIVE PAST THE LIMIT The Samsung Portable SSD X5 gets pushed on every front by Black Cloud Visual’s Mo Kamara

are even more demanding than many users’ typical editing workflows. “We were amazed by how greatly the speed of the render process increased, while using the portable drive.” This noticeable change is a direct result of the Samsung Portable SSD X5’s blistering read and write speeds – 2,800MB/s and 2,300MB/s respectively to be precise. “We were running clips off multiple CPU-intensive programs simultaneously ABOVE The Samsung Portable SSD X5 is the perfect editing tool and more than capable of keeping up with even the most CPU-intensive programs

ALL-ROUND PERFORMANCE For an independent production company, having a storage device that can be used at every stage of the creation process is a real game changer. Kamara was pleasantly surprised to find the Samsung Portable SSD X5 does just that and does it well. “We used the Samsung Portable SSD X5 the whole way through the shoot,” he explains. “On set, it was used to store and back up footage alongside important metadata. While we were in the editing suite, we set all of our editing and visual effects programs to run off and write directly to it, too. Our editing style usually features a lot of visual effects, so our needs

Dynamic duo Mo Kamara and Marco Badchkam are the creative minds behind south London-based production company, Black Cloud Visuals. Working primarily in the music video scene, the team’s particularly vibrant and stylised productions are incredibly demanding every step of the way. But for their efforts, they’ve accumulated millions of hits online. With such a growing workload, they need robust, fast and reliable gear. During a recent music video shoot and edit, Kamara put the Samsung Portable SSD X5 well and truly through its paces. But did it stand up to the job? We find out...


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