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“The Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit allows a compact

rig set-up, ideal in tight conditions”

Hawk-Woods The Hawk-Woods 150Wh Mini V-Lok (V-Mount) Data is a mini power pack with the same features as the standard size V-Lok battery. This smaller version comes with auto resetting PCM, which means the user can reboot it without a charger if it shuts down or goes into protection mode in the middle of nowhere. The battery also has an SMBUS communication system, which displays the battery’s power percentage on the equipment you’re using. Other essential features include a built-in fuel gauge, plus thermal, short-circuit, discharge and voltage protection. There’s also a Power-Con output, which will provide nominal battery voltage.


SMALL PACKAGES Lightweight camera accessories allow a low-profile yet sophisticated set-up

This, Atomos says, makes the kit absolutely ideal in tight conditions, as well as for close-up shots that require the cameraperson to be light on their feet. The Pro Kit also gets the best out of cameras by recording up to 6K 12-bit Raw externally on the Ninja’s onboard SSD.

Atomos says the Ninja V Pro Kit ‘has been designed to bridge the gap between compact cinema and mirrorless cameras that can output Raw via HDMI or SDI’. The aluminium five-inch monitor/recorder allows for a compact rig set-up so operators can use the newest cameras.


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