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PEOPLE POWER Hazar Kinali of Hawk- Woods says that lots of innovation comes from user feedback

Arri The robust Alexa Mini LF from Arri combines the small appearance and lightness of the Alexa Mini with large format Alexa LF sensor. It features three internal motorised FSND filters, 12v power input, extra power outputs, a new Codex Compact Drive, plus a new MVF-2 high-contrast HD viewfinder. The camera has a hard-wearing carbon body and a wide temperature range of -20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F).

disposal. Renan Ozturk used the very portable Anton/Bauer Titon Base to follow rock climber Alex Honnold as they scaled remote mountain ranges. “What’s changed so much in the last 20 years is the ability to power everything,” says Wishart. “The GH5 can basically cope with tiny batteries and still shoot for 40 minutes or an hour. My sound mixer can be powered for a whole day on a single battery. Radio mics last all day on a couple of rechargeable AAs. The battery capabilities have made it possible for non-professionals like me to do more of the technical stuff.” Hawk-Woods is another established brand, boasting a five-strong product range. Hazar Kinali, senior sales manager at the company, explains where its batteries are being deployed. “For example, in the UK, the BBC is using our products, or has done in the past,” he says. “Another recent example is the Qatar World Cup, where we provided hundreds of NP-F batteries for a number of broadcast cameras.” Hawk-Woods recently designed a custom battery for Timeline TV for its Formula E projects, which Kinali claims was a reaction to consumer demand. “We have to follow the trends, latest camera launches, monitors, studio lights,” he adds. “We have very close ties with our customers, who are experts from the industry; so we use their feedback to fuel our creativity.”

So, whether you’re shooting in a tiny room with the police or you’re in an extreme natural environment, the kit is there – and it’s evolving all the time. On the other hand, you might be more like Barron, who has an old-school approach when it comes to documentary making. “For me, my choice would almost certainly be a hybrid camera around a Z1 size, because I started out life as a Sky News features cameraman – so I’m used to the full-sized machines,” he explains. “I find it easier to work with the big Sonys with the recordable Blu-ray. They might be out of date, but that size of camera has a fair bit of battery life and weight for balance, so you can pretty easily do run-and-gun shooting with those.” “They might be out of date, but older Sony Z1 camcorders have a fair bit of battery life and good balance, perfect for run-and-gun”

ANTON/BAUER The slim, lightweight and portable Anton/Bauer Titon Base delivers 68Wh of power to run DSLR, mirrorless and small-form pocket cinema cameras for over nine hours. Complete with custom battery power cables designed for leading cameras, the power hub is designed to run for more than five times as long as standard manufacturers’ batteries. There are also three P-Tap ports and a high- speed USB port to power monitors, wireless transmitters or charge smartphones. The quick-release mounting plate lets the user mount and remove the power hub quickly for handheld shooting. Integrated 1/4in-20 inserts allow the Titon to be mounted under a camera and a tripod, gimbal or other camera support, moving the centre of gravity to create a balanced set-up. What’s more, a built-in LCD gauge displays the remaining runtime of the battery down to the minute, as well as the charge level when it’s not connected.

LINCHPIN Nothing happens on a shoot without any power. The Titon Base is a dependable pack

PERFECT BALANCE Screws on the top and bottom of the Titon Base allow good weight distribution in rigs


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