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Cloud microservices are coming to the rescue of media companies under increasing pressure


ur industry is going through a period of accelerated change. And

one of the biggest transitions we’re seeing is the move to cloud platforms,” says Sony European Professional Engineering head of Professional Solutions team, Matt Bowers. Broadcasters are having to over- achieve with less – and viewers are demanding more choice, additional platforms and higher quality. To meet these demands, content companies are turning to the cloud for tools allowing them to be faster and more flexible, quickly scaling when needed, and compressing tasks that used to take days into a few hours. These changes have only been accelerated by the pandemic, where multiplatform streaming sky-rocketed. Media companies were forced to get creative about working remotely and delivering new services. Microservices are going to play a huge part in the future of media technology. Many companies are rolling out these cloud-based tools

to serve broadcasters of all shapes and sizes. But very few have Sony’s decades of experience, in terms of technological and creative know-how. In fact, the company has more than 50 years of experience working in the media industry. “Over that time, we’ve built strong partnerships with companies in this industry, really coming to understand and learn about their world,” says Bowers. “Then, we’ve used that knowledge and experience to solve real problems within their very real environments.”

Sony’s European Professional Engineering group is made up of software engineers, project managers and UX specialists, working across Sony product development. That expertise, combined with Sony’s industry relationships, has allowed it to create bespoke solutions for customers. Out of these conversations, and the needs customers expressed through them, Sony’s Media Solutions Toolkit was born. “Some tried-and-tested models no longer answered the questions that our customers were asking. We looked

INNOVATOR Matt Bowers believes a microservices architectural approach is the best way to deliver quick solutions to customers


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