FEED Summer 2021 Web


What is AtroCore’s origin story? The idea for the company came after I’d been working in e-commerce more than ten years, and saw a need for a B2B solution enabling companies to digitalise product marketing and automate processes. I started AtroCore to help organise digital assets and product information. Currently, we have developed two software products: AtroPIM and AtroDAM. AtroPIM manages product information; AtroDAM manages digital assets. Both can be used in a single instance or separately, and are free and open source. Additional modules can be purchased to extend functionality. There are already standard solutions on the market targeting these kinds of problems. But we are different, because our solutions have a completely configurable data model and layouts, so the users can customise them for their needs, without any extra programming. They’re also web-based and can be used on a smartphone.

derivatives, storing asset versions and image editing. We try to build new features by using an existing open-source solution as much as possible. It saves us a lot of time and we achieve very good results. Equally, we value the partnership with our customers. A lot of good ideas come from them. Not every idea should be directly implemented, but if a feature is expected by more than one customer, it is a good sign that it would be valued by many other customers, too. What is your next step? Our solutions can be used in any country, so international growth is the next important step. We are convinced of the advantages of open-source software, so we hope AtroPIM and AtroDAM will be used globally, helping a lot of companies solve problems with managing product data and digital assets. What is the one thing you need most right now? Fundraising. We have a lot of plans we cannot finance from our income, for now, and product marketing is expensive and unavoidable. The most important thing is that we will be able to implement new features more quickly, therefore making our software products even more attractive to customers.

What are you working on right now? Of course, we want to further improve our solutions, and there are a lot of interesting features that could be implemented, but we are sticking to our roadmap. Currently, the next features to be implemented are integration of AI, automatic creation of asset



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