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“Toastmasters will present to camera and address remote guests. We can include pre-recorded playback assets and recorded messages from remote guests, as well as on-screen graphics. “We can also play photos from the pre-wedding shoot back over the stream – the whole operation becomes like a small TV show.” HYBRID MARKETS The difference between a TV show and Jogia’s hybrid stream is the latter ’s bidirectionality – boasting interaction from attendees and streamers. According to Roland Professional AV product manager, Morten Rasmussen, the VR Series is popular among big corporations looking for a closed, reliable system to present to in-person and remote staff, without relying on a streaming provider that could store, recall or share sensitive information. “Churches had also been interested in getting the process going for some time, but Covid-19 has really pushed them into it,” he adds. Rasmussen explains that VR switchers have been designed intuitively, catering for non-technical users. “Developing advanced stuff with thousands of features is simple, but, at Roland, we also spend time analysing non-technical operators, so they’re not using any more than six to eight buttons.” Interoperability with legacy camera systems is also accounted for, and units such as the VR-50HD MKII claim to take in footage from much older camera systems, producing an output. According to Rasmussen, Roland is refining its line-up and adding more dual-conversion features to support the esports and gaming markets.

to showcase our products,” says Jogia. “This set-up allowed my wife and I to move around untethered. We presented to clients from each room, sharing video presentations and images through the VR-4HD.” Jogia was impressed with how the switcher adjusted for differences in the mics and cameras. “Playing a video on screen, it’s handy to control the sound and the quality of it through the VR-4HD – as are features like equalising sound levels and frequencies. “Shaping the sound of microphones


and adjusting delay between audio and video in the VR-4HD proves very useful.” Jogia, a Canon camera ambassador, also used the VR switcher to deliver

print workshop tutorials for the

camera firm, using a three-camera set-up

and taking in a fourth feed from his computer. As the wedding market opens up again, Jogia plans to offer a hybrid-streaming service, where guest numbers have been reduced by Covid-19 restrictions or an inability to travel. “We’ve got one eye on the future and also want to be able to add value by bringing other things into the wedding business,” he adds.


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